St. Peter's Ev. Lutheran Church & School

 St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

working together

to build up the family of God

on the rock of Christ

through Word and Sacrament.

What We Believe

We are a confessional Lutheran church and a member of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod, holding to the confessions of the Lutheran church because they express clearly truths of Scripture.

To be Lutheran does not mean to follow a man by the name of Martin Luther but, like Luther, hold to the inspired Scriptures as the unerring Word of God, and the only source of truth.

To be Evangelical Lutheran means that the Gospel is central in our teaching.  We believe that we are saved by grace through faith and that our salvation is from beginning to end a great gift of God, given to us because God’s Son, Jesus became one of us to live the life we failed to live and offer His perfect life as the payment for our sins.  What joy and peace we find in that message of full forgiveness… what a powerful incentive to live lives of dedicated service to our dear Savior!


Here at St. Peter’s you will find a community of Christians who are dedicated to the Scriptures, and who are committed to using many opportunities to encourage one another in our faith.

If you should visit us as we worship, you will find that we are a liturgical church, following a historical order of worship that Christians have found meaningful; but within that order there is room for great variety for today’s contemporary Christian.

If you should visit at a service where we serve Holy Communion, you will find that we practice the historic practice of “close” Communion, which means that before we offer Communion to anyone we ask for the opportunity to teach its meaning, and to ensure that we are of the same faith and confession.  We are always eager to explore with you what we believe and teach!